jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014

The four of us. ∞

Saw a movie today that in one way or another reminded me of my best friends... Okay, Not exactly. The movie is about how this three girls completely ruin their best friend's wedding dress out of anger and jealousy. Throughout the movie they discover how wrong they were, and in the end their friendship gets stronger in spite of all the bad things that got to them. And don't get me wrong, it wasn't all the bad things that reminded me of my best friends, it was the little moments they shared, reminding them of all the things they've gone through together. It was the little moments where I saw me and my friends reflected in them.

In our group, Iris is the oldest, she's the kind of friend that places her feelings aside whenever we need her. She's someone I really look up to because I learn a lot from her every day. If she's feeling bad, she won't tell because instead she's trying to make us feel better. I've never met someone who's so protective of her friends like her. She always tries to protect us, like a big Sister. And for me, she truly is like the Big Sister I never had. Alexia is the type of person who is always joking. Sometimes things don't go out as she planned, something that happens to everyone, we're not perfect. But here is where she differs, normally everyone just gives up and stop trying; She doesn't. “Go on, you can do it.” she said to us in class “Lets keep going, we've got to win those diplomas and show everybody we can,” she repeated all over again, pushing us to do well in class. Camila, well... she never stops laughing. She's there and makes you laugh in your darkest days. Sometimes she gets a little crazy, but that just makes is better because we all end up laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt. But she's always there when you need her.

And I'm the quiet one, the shy, sometimes I'm to quiet to defend myself when things get bad... but I believe I'm a good friend. I'd do anything for them.

We've gotten into really big fights throughout the years, sometimes for really dumb things; Jealousy, anger, and sometimes Rumors. But in spite of how much we've fought, time went by and things got back to how they were before, like time never stopped. Our friendship grew stronger every time and we turned into family. We became sisters.

And within 20 years when we're all married and with kids of our own, we'll still be friends. We'll walk through the cities in spain as we visit alexia or through the streets of california where i'll live, or maybe we'll be here in our country, where we all met. And we'll keep laughing at the mischiefs, the craziness and all the moments we spent together, because why lie, we've been through so much together that alexia will film the movie of our lives after I finish writing the book.

The four of us have many things in common, but at the same time we're so different. For me that just makes it better, because each of us complements the other.

We're all different, but at the same time we're all alike.

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