miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014


when we hear the word thankyou, we dont give much of a meaning, cause its just another word. 
but one of the biggest effects in life is gratitude, simply giving thanks.
being gratefull for the smallest things makes you happier. were not perfect, but gratitude make us better.
be grateful for your family, friends, enjoy the time you have, cause you dont know when life will give an unexpected twist changing everything.
"gratitude is living life as if everything was a miracle"
its important to be grateful everyday, with ourselves, with others, and specialy be thank ful to god, that has given us everything

jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

New Year, New Beginning...

A new year can mean something different for everyone but one thing is for sure, a new year is a new beginning.
While some people use the new opportunity to change, others take risks and chances. A new beginning is given to us to start fresh, make amends and learn to forgive the ones that hurt us in the past. 
Some people use the opportunity to become someone they truly admire, while others set goals for themselvves, goals they would like to achieve. 
So forget the mistakes you made before and enjoy this new year, because a new page of your story is waiting for you to start writing it. This is a new year, a new beginning...

domingo, 5 de enero de 2014

A Good Friend.

Life's too short for us to be taking it for granted. You never know when someting will take you by surprise. That's what happened to my friend: he was someone that enjoyed every bit of life, was thoughtfull and considerate. He touched the life of many people around him inspiring everyone. His love for nature and passion for music made him so talented and smart. Life shows us that no one is perfect and it's the mistakes that teach us who we truly are. 
Heaven has a new angel and he's watching us from up there.