domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014

Always there for each other...

 Another year of classes prepares to begin at Panamerican school. A year in which I'm no longer part of. Its funny to think about how much things will change; some teachers will be new, some renewals of paint color in the basketball court, some new rules will be present. But some things, I believe, will remain the same as always. Like the same old jokes the biology teacher used to tell, or the same P.E routine every single day, for the rest of the year. And as a new chapter in my 15 year old brother's life begins, I feel responsible to pass on every bit of advice I can offer. It's his first year in High school, his first year with the same exact teachers, the same exact classes I used to have. But then, I remember; My 11 year old Little brother's life also begins another chapter as well. I climb down the stairs hoping I can tell him something, but the teachers he'll have are all new, I never met any of them. I don't know their breaking points, or how to survive their classes. But when I get to the Living room I find both of my brothers talking. Nick, the oldest is writing something on a paper. But as I get closer I realize its a diagram of some letters and words.
"So the teacher will do this at the end of every period" Nick says "So you need to take notes through the period, to find the answers faster" 
And a smile crosses my face when I realize that my 15 year old brother was passing on advice and techniques to win over the teacher to my littlest brother. The same thing I did with him. 
And as the year progresses I know we'll be there for each other always.

domingo, 10 de agosto de 2014

Heaven is for Real.

Is heaven for real even though you can't see it? 
Do you see the wind blowing? No. But you know that the air is there, you feel it when our hair moves as the rhythm of clasical music drifting throughout the air. 
So you know that God is there, even though you can't see him. He is on the first light of a new day, on the falling leaves, on the joyfull laugh of a little kid. You've got to believe, even on the things you can't quite see, because even though you don't see, you know they're there. He's there.