jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014

The four of us. ∞

Saw a movie today that in one way or another reminded me of my best friends... Okay, Not exactly. The movie is about how this three girls completely ruin their best friend's wedding dress out of anger and jealousy. Throughout the movie they discover how wrong they were, and in the end their friendship gets stronger in spite of all the bad things that got to them. And don't get me wrong, it wasn't all the bad things that reminded me of my best friends, it was the little moments they shared, reminding them of all the things they've gone through together. It was the little moments where I saw me and my friends reflected in them.

In our group, Iris is the oldest, she's the kind of friend that places her feelings aside whenever we need her. She's someone I really look up to because I learn a lot from her every day. If she's feeling bad, she won't tell because instead she's trying to make us feel better. I've never met someone who's so protective of her friends like her. She always tries to protect us, like a big Sister. And for me, she truly is like the Big Sister I never had. Alexia is the type of person who is always joking. Sometimes things don't go out as she planned, something that happens to everyone, we're not perfect. But here is where she differs, normally everyone just gives up and stop trying; She doesn't. “Go on, you can do it.” she said to us in class “Lets keep going, we've got to win those diplomas and show everybody we can,” she repeated all over again, pushing us to do well in class. Camila, well... she never stops laughing. She's there and makes you laugh in your darkest days. Sometimes she gets a little crazy, but that just makes is better because we all end up laughing so hard that our stomachs hurt. But she's always there when you need her.

And I'm the quiet one, the shy, sometimes I'm to quiet to defend myself when things get bad... but I believe I'm a good friend. I'd do anything for them.

We've gotten into really big fights throughout the years, sometimes for really dumb things; Jealousy, anger, and sometimes Rumors. But in spite of how much we've fought, time went by and things got back to how they were before, like time never stopped. Our friendship grew stronger every time and we turned into family. We became sisters.

And within 20 years when we're all married and with kids of our own, we'll still be friends. We'll walk through the cities in spain as we visit alexia or through the streets of california where i'll live, or maybe we'll be here in our country, where we all met. And we'll keep laughing at the mischiefs, the craziness and all the moments we spent together, because why lie, we've been through so much together that alexia will film the movie of our lives after I finish writing the book.

The four of us have many things in common, but at the same time we're so different. For me that just makes it better, because each of us complements the other.

We're all different, but at the same time we're all alike.

domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014

Always there for each other...

 Another year of classes prepares to begin at Panamerican school. A year in which I'm no longer part of. Its funny to think about how much things will change; some teachers will be new, some renewals of paint color in the basketball court, some new rules will be present. But some things, I believe, will remain the same as always. Like the same old jokes the biology teacher used to tell, or the same P.E routine every single day, for the rest of the year. And as a new chapter in my 15 year old brother's life begins, I feel responsible to pass on every bit of advice I can offer. It's his first year in High school, his first year with the same exact teachers, the same exact classes I used to have. But then, I remember; My 11 year old Little brother's life also begins another chapter as well. I climb down the stairs hoping I can tell him something, but the teachers he'll have are all new, I never met any of them. I don't know their breaking points, or how to survive their classes. But when I get to the Living room I find both of my brothers talking. Nick, the oldest is writing something on a paper. But as I get closer I realize its a diagram of some letters and words.
"So the teacher will do this at the end of every period" Nick says "So you need to take notes through the period, to find the answers faster" 
And a smile crosses my face when I realize that my 15 year old brother was passing on advice and techniques to win over the teacher to my littlest brother. The same thing I did with him. 
And as the year progresses I know we'll be there for each other always.

domingo, 10 de agosto de 2014

Heaven is for Real.

Is heaven for real even though you can't see it? 
Do you see the wind blowing? No. But you know that the air is there, you feel it when our hair moves as the rhythm of clasical music drifting throughout the air. 
So you know that God is there, even though you can't see him. He is on the first light of a new day, on the falling leaves, on the joyfull laugh of a little kid. You've got to believe, even on the things you can't quite see, because even though you don't see, you know they're there. He's there.

lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

I won't say goodbye, just Farewell...

Ever since this school year started, i just wanted it to end and get this over with once in for all. to finally graduate and start living my future. But now that i'm here two months away, i dont want it to end. Im not ready to say goodbye to everyone. it may be that I don't loose them, but I know some of us wont ever see each other again. its easier in school because we see each other every day, but the moment it takes a little effort, that moment is when things start to change. i just want to hold on into this moments and never let it go, because even though it brought problems and fights, these have been the best years of my life. the years where I met my true friends, when I learned whom to trust and whom not. its where I met the people who turned me into the girl I am today. and Im thankful to all of them for giving me a little piece of themselves. either if it was just a moment or a long time, each and every single one of them changed me somehow.

viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

Memories of Grandma...

Seven years have gone by, seven years without listening to her voice, her distinctive laugh, seven years without watching her emotions blossom as she told her stories, her adventures. One thing I'll always be sorry for is that she never got the oportunity to see me graduate, see me standing on stage with my cap and robe ready to get my diploma. I won't see her, but I know that in a way she'll be there cheering and feeling proud. That's all I wanted, to make her proud. I don't want to forget about her and I think we never will. I remember everything, but sometimes her face becomes blurry. I can't see her, but sometimes I get little glimpses of her; In the poem my mom knows by memory, just like she did. In the little red plants with long stems and red flowers that grew outside her house. In the pencil collection she held in her house that now lays in my closet reminding me of her every time I see it. 
Seven years went by, and seven more will go on, but the memories will lock inside our hearts forever.

domingo, 16 de febrero de 2014

Why do you choose the friends you have?

Why do you choose the friends you have?
What makes you say "these are the ones I trust." The answer is not as simple as it seems, but I guess you truly can be friends with everyone, but best friends are the people you connect with the most. They've seen you at your worst and still decide to be your rocks, the ones you lean on. Best friends eventually become family. Theres nothing you can say or do to push them away because just like a rubber band they bounce back to you. Best friends always find a way back to each other, even after the worst fights. You can get along with everyone, but best friends are the sisters you didn't asked for and still are glad they're here to guide you along the way

miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014


when we hear the word thankyou, we dont give much of a meaning, cause its just another word. 
but one of the biggest effects in life is gratitude, simply giving thanks.
being gratefull for the smallest things makes you happier. were not perfect, but gratitude make us better.
be grateful for your family, friends, enjoy the time you have, cause you dont know when life will give an unexpected twist changing everything.
"gratitude is living life as if everything was a miracle"
its important to be grateful everyday, with ourselves, with others, and specialy be thank ful to god, that has given us everything

jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

New Year, New Beginning...

A new year can mean something different for everyone but one thing is for sure, a new year is a new beginning.
While some people use the new opportunity to change, others take risks and chances. A new beginning is given to us to start fresh, make amends and learn to forgive the ones that hurt us in the past. 
Some people use the opportunity to become someone they truly admire, while others set goals for themselvves, goals they would like to achieve. 
So forget the mistakes you made before and enjoy this new year, because a new page of your story is waiting for you to start writing it. This is a new year, a new beginning...

domingo, 5 de enero de 2014

A Good Friend.

Life's too short for us to be taking it for granted. You never know when someting will take you by surprise. That's what happened to my friend: he was someone that enjoyed every bit of life, was thoughtfull and considerate. He touched the life of many people around him inspiring everyone. His love for nature and passion for music made him so talented and smart. Life shows us that no one is perfect and it's the mistakes that teach us who we truly are. 
Heaven has a new angel and he's watching us from up there.